Drift: Enjoyment Your Way

How do you describe the indescribable Cannabis experience?


1. Cannabis experiences are not meant to be the same for everyone. How can we have a consistent branding while showing the range of cannabis experience?
2. How do you create a fresh approach to a category that is so heavily regulated that has forced many brands into familiar visual territory?

Enjoyment your way

Solution: Cannabis affects everyone differently so we realized the answer was to not try and define it but create an honest representation of it instead through abstract illustrations.

Strain cards

3×5 print-outs containing information on a strain/product.
Each strain is represented with a unique illustration.

Product Retail Guide

Booklet that shows the variety of products Drift offers, distributed to the budtenders.

Product Retail Guide: Brand Story

Product Retail Guide: Where and how Drift grows its cannabis

Product Retail Guide: Products

Enjoyment Your Way Branding

  • is a fluid representation of indescribable nuances and emotions
  • is distinct from any other Cannabis brands
  • Avoids the strict cannabis regulation in Canada