Levi’s: Uniform for Change

Denim jeans have always been part of the cultural movements.

Historically, denim jeans were a wearable medium in which people could express their values and protest against injustice. Ex. Levi’s created the first women’s jeans, people wore jeans instead of suits to protest against white supremacy.

Idea: By highlighting jeans worn in historical moments, we can inspire today’s socially-aware generation to be the modern changers.

Credit: Hankyul Oh, Hyunkyu Park


The juxtaposition of today’s #hashtagged social & cultural movements with historical movements.
– First-person POV takes the place of the viewer
– The use of historical speeches in the background


In-store: Display of jeans worn during historical moments

Levis Strauss Foundation archives hundreds of jeans of historical importance. Let’s display those jeans for the public with a short description about their importance, because legacy isn’t meant to be hidden.

Free baby jeans for expecting mothers. For the next generation of changers.

These jeans save lives: Tags on purchased clothing about Levi’s initiatives

When you purchase Levi’s jeans, a portion of the profit goes to Levi Strauss Foundation. These tags inform the consumers about all the initiatives the foundation does.